Waste & Litter Education Officer - Wyndham City Council

Join ASPIRE now to save costs on waste disposal and procurement, it’s free for Wyndham businesses!

ASPIRE is a business-to-business online trading platform for resources you no longer need. The idea is that instead of paying for items to go to landfill, you can give them to another business that can reuse/recycle them, and vice-versa.

Wyndham Council has subscribed to the platform allowing businesses like yours (any business that operates in Wyndham with less than 150 staff) to join for free. If you have more than 150 staff please let me know.

Joining up is easy, simply register your details and any resources you may be looking to acquire. You will then be able to list any items you want to dispose of and be able to see what other businesses are offering. The program will automatically notify you of any businesses that match with your interests.

For more information about how the platform works go to their homepage

To register go to

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