100% Plastic Free Compostable Bin Liners and Dog Waste Bags

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We are a 100% Australian owned family business offering a genuinely plastic free compostable option for plastic bags. Plastics have a devastating impact on the environment & is a huge problem for oceans and waterways where they wind up harming marine life. Every time we refuse to use a piece of plastic, it is a simple victory to our planet & marine life. With one simple choice to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives, we can turn the tide on plastic pollution and be part of the solution to save our landfills, waterways and give our majestic sea creatures a healthier future.

All our products are AS4736(Australian) and EU13432(European) certified are 100% plastic free and fully compostable.Visit Planetbuddy.com.au and see our wide product range.Planet Buddy products are also listed in Catch.com.au and Petmarket.com.au.

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