What grown ups can learn from bringing their child to gymnastics

Operations Manager at FCGC Gymnastics Inc. - FCGC Gymnastics

Every week parents take their children to their gymnastics classes – sometimes staying to watch them train. We all know the incredible benefits gymnastics has on participants but have you ever thought about what having a child in the gym is teaching you?

How to trust in the process:
This is a life lesson for both the parents and gymnasts – kids aren’t going to learn how to flip and somersault their very first lesson which is what most people associate with gymnastics. Instead there is a big foundation of body shaping, body tension, strength and many, many drills before gymnasts start hitting the harder skills. This process is so important to ensure gymnasts don’t hurt themselves throwing skills they are not ready for – however can be slightly frustrating for parents watching. Parents with gymnasts quickly learn that there is a process and how to celebrate the small successes with their children knowing they are one step closer to that skill they really want!

It can take a brave parent to watch their child do gymnastics for so many different reasons. Gymnasts have to learn to be brave and trust themselves and their coaches, but parents also have to learn this bravery watching their children train skills that they may find scary, knowing you can’t be right there to help. Sometimes this means watching with your heart in your mouth as your child tries that new skill on the high beam for the first time! Watching your gymnasts at competitions or events takes a lot of bravery too – sometimes children forget their routines or fall in their routine – which is all part of gymnastics, but as a parent it can be hard to watch!
So I applaud all parents who are able to watch their children train and compete and can stay relatively calm doing so. You are all learning to be so brave on behalf of your children.

Learning to watch your child fall:
If you’re an experienced gymnastics parents you’re probably nodding your head at this one – if you’re new to the sport it may sound a little crazy. Falling is a massive part of gymnastics but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to watch! Gymnasts first learn how to fall properly before they start doing bigger skills (and yes there is a right and a wrong way to fall). If they know how to fall
properly it lowers the chance of injury! Some falls will be funny, some will be frustrating and sometimes a fall can be pretty scary. Parents have to learn to watch these from afar without being able to do anything for their child. This one also links back to bravery as well. Being a gymnastics parent isn’t always easy!
Just remember next time your child falls – it’s an important part of the sport and is helping them in the long run, try using positive words when you talk about it after practice.

Rip care:
Bars, sweet bar. So much fun but also so much ouch! We love bars but yes, they do hurt your hands – especially while in the process of making your hands strong and tough. Sometimes your children come home with a dreaded rip and you have to somehow make it better! I guess we could say gymnastics is teaching you wound care as well, aren’t you lucky! If you are struggling with how to help your child with their rips here are some top tips.

1.Make sure their hands are washed clean to get all the chalk out of the rip
2. Cut of the dead skin surrounding the rip – if this gets left on it can rip more
3. Get a wet tea-bag and have your child hold it on the rip for 5-10 minutes
4. You can put some antiseptic creams on it following this as well
5. Cover the rip for the next practice.

If you’re bringing a child to gymnastics we think you’re amazing and are so glad we can help teach you some life lessons too!

Tammy Robinson

Operations Manager at FCGC Gymnastics Inc. - FCGC Gymnastics

I am a proud Wyndham resident who has lived here for over 20 years. I have raised my family here with my children attending the local public schools and my husband teaching at another local school.

I have the privilege being the Operations Manager at FCGC Gymnastics and have been employed with the organisation for over 28 years. I love my job and am passionate about helping people build skills for life through gymnastics. I have actively participated in Gymnastics my whole life and still enjoy the sport today.

When I first started with FCGC Gymnastics in 1992 the club ran 2 days a week with about 40 participants. Since this time we have grown to become a highly regarding community club with 2 venues, over 2000 participating members and over 50 staff members.

Connecting with the Wyndham community and providing a valuable service to local families as well as jobs for local residents is something of which I am very proud.

FCGC Gymnastics
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