June Issue – E Bubble Life Magazine Out Now

June Issue – Bending & Stretching

E- Bubble Life

Do you find that even though we are all now more connected than ever before, that you sometimes feel disconnected, isolated and lonely?
Content you consume elsewhere … leaves you feeling empty?
E-Bubble Life is a platform you can depend on to inform, educate, and most importantly give you a sense of familiarity, belonging, and the ability to relate to, and engage with, what you read. We do this through our grass roots storytelling and content, that has a distinctive regional flavour. We tap into generational and cultural knowledge within our communities to do this, enriching our content, just so we can share it with you.
E-Bubble Life brings you more of what you crave: How to enjoy the simple things in life, while nurturing your health, wealth, and wisdom. Our mission is to make you feel included, while creating a sense of belonging and value for you when you engage and interact with us.


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